Cirries Advantage

Cirries Advantage

Telecom carriers and other network operators turn to Cirries to solve problems that other companies are not addressing.

There is a huge unfilled need for the bridge technologies developed by Cirries that enable telecom carriers to exploit existing network assets and integrate them into the 4G/LTE networks they are building for the future. As networks evolve, Cirries also provides the superior expertise in telecom and other network services that companies need to optimize, extract data, and virtualize their network for the future.



Big Data is everywhere and networks know it. Networks generate an enormous amount of data. On top of the transmitted data, there is machine data, operational data, in addition to 3rd party data. How do you get to really see the data you need? With an ability to process over one million transactions per second, Cirries Maestro can capture all of your network data and then filter it to extract the essential data you need, in real-time.


Visualization of data then gives you the power to see the performance of your network on any screen, on any device. Cirries dashboards can be completely customized to meet your needs. The performance of your network is available in real-time and is as close as your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.




The ability to collect, extract and visualize your network operation gives you the path to monetization. Optimizing network performance reduces both OPEX and CAPEX. It also gives insight into your business opportunities. Above all, with Cirries as your network partner, you are free to use your resources to develop new sources of revenue.


Above all, you need to capture and conquer the data from your network. For optimal network performance you need a way to make certain data can flow through and be captured from your network. Cirries Maestro captures all data from all protocols, any network, in any format, in real- time. Maestro can capture high volumes in any format from any source and can translate to bridge technologies, to give you and your network the information you need.