Maestro Data Controller: We call it a data controller. You'll call it your data superhero.


The dramatic increase of connected devices, digitized content, social media and new applications is challenging your network and your business.

Waiting to see the trends in your business activity, inefficiencies in your network performance or potential security threats, costs your business opportunity and profit.

The Maestro Data Controller gives you instant insight into your network performance. See your customer usage, your business trends and the overall performance of your network in real-time.

Cirries’ Maestro Data Controller gives you the information you need to make a rapid response. It is designed to perform real- time collection, correlation, reduction, indexing, storage and reporting of any data in any network. It turns Big Data into Smart Data, enabling insights into the rich information carried over networks and stored on network devices.


Approximately 90% of consumers check their smartphone within 1 hour of waking up. 25% of consumers check their smartphone more than 50 times a day. According to Deloitte, more consumers now use more than a gigabyte of data per month. With 19% increase among US consumers streaming television and film over the past year and 30% year-over-year growth in streaming music, carriers need a solution that can that can handle the growing volume and scale with their network.


Discover business and network trends in real-time

The Maestro Data Controller provides real-time mediation for collecting, filtering, and normalizing network, device, and subscriber in order to index, store, and retrieve it efficiently.

See your network performance instantly on your laptop, phone or tablet. Get the data you need to analyze and make the decisions you need to stay competitive.


Installed in the network traffic stream, the maestro data controller uses configurable service logic to filter any kind of data for better analytics, better support, and better customer experience.


How does the Maestro Data Controller give you a more powerful network?

  • Single server can process up to 1 million packets per second
  • Processes all types of data
  • Transforms Big Data into useable data
  • Notification of events can occur in real-time while data is simultaneously recorded for later use.


Satisfy customers' need for fast data! Lower costs, improve profits, grow your business

Data Controller Challenges, Solutions, and Benefits

The NetFlow Exporter reduces CAPEX and OPEX by optimizing existing equipment performance, NetFlow enabling legacy equipment and increasing router performance.

The Netflow/IPFIX Analyzer gives you the ability to reconfigure traffic patterns with easy to read traffic graphs, helping you distribute data traffic across the network and diminishing router overload.

The NetFlow/IPFIX Analyzer also provides better predictions and planning of network traffic detail and performance, diminishing unexpected service interruptions.

The MPLS Analytis provide maximum benefit from Multi-Protocol Lable Switching through visualized monitoring for maximum benefit, solving the problem of slow data delivery.

The Syslog Analyzer provides easily-seen patterns in Syslog messages, which enable you to predict equipment failure and security breaches more easily.

The CG-NAT Analyzer provides you with better IP address allocation, real-time alarms and records, and supports CALEA and other usage storage monitoring.

The vNOC Solution outsources network support to reduce troubleshooting costs, letting you focus on business growth and new revenue streams.

Edge Device Monitoring provides real-time alarms of video quality issues, as well as indexed data storage to enable rule definition and analysis, improving customer satisfaction with video streaming.

Customer Care Analytics stores and indexes Web error records in real-time for better control of videostreaming issues, further improving satisfaction and lowering customer attrition.