Cirries' Maestro technology is your network advantage. Globally proven software and application suite for data capture and network optimization, insight, and evolution.

Maestro allows network service providers the ability to manage their networks and data better.

This flexible and powerful software monitors, collects, and responds to all information the network generates and all data coming across the network from users, devices, or machines.

The Cirries' Maestro architecture is the basis for the Signaling Controller, the Data Controller and the Network Controller products that are deployed worldwide.

Maestro's Signalling Controller, Data controller, and Network Controller let you seamlessly manage and switch between multiple networks, capture network data in real-time or in batch mode, and analyze the data to optimize network performance and uncover revenue opportunities.




  • Process more than 1 million packets per second on a single server.
  • Capture data from any network in any format and yields intelligent data.
  • Enable unequalled network insight.
  • Proven reliability, serving more than 100 million subscribers.

Maestro is the solution development framework designed with the performance and flexibility to address multiple communications network domains, including traditional telecom networks, MPLS/IP data networks, as well as emerging SDN/NFV networks.