Maestro Signaling Controller. Need to link legacy equipment or applications to new ones? We have the answer!

Connect any network – wireless or wireline — to any subscriber or application

The Maestro Signaling Controller supports a convergence of services across multi-generation, multi-technology voice, data and video networks. It can be customized quickly to specific network operator needs and vendor-specific protocols.

Captures, Filters and Interconnects Any Signaling Protocols

  • Captures signaling data in any format from any network
  • Filters and converts to a common protocol
  • Interconnects any application to any subscribers on existing or new networks
  • Enables new revenue opportunities

The Maestro Signaling Controller saves CAPEX and OPEX by:

  • Enabling the extension of existing applications across different networks.
  • Enabling migration across different generations of network technology.
  • Allowing new applications to be deployed more rapidly

The Maestro signaling controller mediates between disparate networks and diverse devices to seamlessly link TDM, 2G/3G, IMS/LTE and IP networks. A high velocity, high volume platform, the Signaling Controller captures signaling data from any network in any format and processes over one million transactions per second in a single server. It speaks all network languages through resource adaptors and its distributed architecture can easily manage the largest networks. Maestro's proven reliability in sering over 100 million subscribers worldwide has earned it Cisco's approval as a recommended product.





Maestro's Signaling Controller provides you with a variety of solutions tailored to your unique network needs. These solutions include service orchestration, billing consolidation, LTE interworking, billing migration, M2m application for SS7 networking, and HLR/HSS migration.              Service orchestration can take a single network trigger and invoke multiple services using protocols for different network technologies, allowing you to introduce new technology and maintain legacy systems while reducing CAPEX.

Billing Consolidation enables the GSM OCS in the CDMA network,letting you consolidate with a single OCS and increase revenue.

LTE Interworking provides seamless interworking between 2G, 3G and 4G protocols, reducing CAPEX and increasing revenue for roaming with 2G/3G operators.

Billing Migration allows for legacy SS7-based prepaid systems to migrate to new IP-based OCS, which provides a smooth migration of prepaid subscriptions to OCS.

The Signaling Controller's M2M Application to SS7 Interworking solution smoothly migrates Legacy SS7-based prepaid systems to new IP-based OCS.

The HLR/HSS Migration solution provides you with a smooth migration of HLR subscribers to HSS, allowing you to perform subscriber-based routing and mediate IS41/GSM MAP to Diameter protocol.