Flow technology enables Cirries MetaPoint to capture flows, aggregating data for a holistic view of the network, anomaly analysis and trend identification. In today’s high-performance networks, flow data repositories can still exceed tens of terabytes. This would be far eclipsed by raw packet capture where line rates of up to 100 Gbps would make the increased hardware and storage expense of traditional packet capture prohibitive.

The combination of PacketPoint and MetaPoint can be optimized for each implementation to provide a comprehensive view of network activity with the necessary details for digital forensics.

Flow Collection for Real-Time Visibility

Cirries MetaPoint can receive flow records from a variety of industry formats. This metadata solution software can also generate flow data for routers without flow data as well, to offload cumbersome flow generation. Our software is based on industry proven architecture with a solid foundation for flexible data intake with extreme scalability, high availability and a customizable rule-based engine for rapid customization.

Provide Data to Multiple Sources

This aggregated data can be provided to applications for immediate use or to storage for future analysis. Cirries Point products have an Application Open Environment that enables applications to receive data either directly or through Open API. Cirries can work with multiple storage solutions.

Web-Based Dashboard

Our Cirries MetaPoint dashboard allows users to visualize network activity and monitor alerts in real-time. Clear visualization of network activity and user-defined alarms give instant views of network operations for real-time response.

Performance Management Center – PMC

Multiple installations of Cirries MetaPoint can be centrally monitored and managed with Cirries Performance Management Center (PMC). Cirries PMC can be used to configure and control Cirries Point products within the network as well as provide centralized workflow.


The most comprehensive metadata analyzer on the market.



  • Up to two million flow records/second on one server

  • High availability architecture: fail-safe, non-stop operation

  • Configurable indexing

  • Customer-centric reports and notifications

  • Rule-based real-time alerts

  • User friendly web-based dashboard

  • Centralized management source for multiple instances

  • Easily deployed on hardware, virtual machine or the cloud