There are times that total packet capture is necessary. Network intrusion and misuse, lawful intercept and detailed forensics of network operations and communications can require total packet capture.

The most used method is deployment of network taps, hardware installed for raw packet capture. With the substantial increase in network data volume and the rise of high-speed networks, this brings increased hardware expense along with substantial infrastructure for storage and analysis.

PacketPoint uses raw packet capture for the analysis of network anomalies. It has three major logical components.

Raw Packet Manager

The Raw Packet Manager will collect all packets in the network, timestamp the packets, convert them to PCAP file format, then write them to a disk for access by time and other indices.

Flow Generator

The Flow Generator generates IPFIX or NetFlow records from the packet information collected by the packet manager.

Element Manager

The Element Manager locally or remotely manages all network elements. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes provisioning, maintenance and troubleshooting a simple, efficient process.

End-of-Life Expense

With IP traffic continuing to grow exponentially, a software solution is essential to enable the immediate response required to circumvent security breaches, to meet the needs of customers and for the efficiency required in today’s competitive markets

A Software Solution

PacketPoint is a software-based solution that gives network operators the ability to capture raw packets up to 200 Gbps, providing essential packet data for forensic discovery essential for security, operational and other investigative network operations. PacketPoint delivers data using our software-based solution eliminating expensive end-of-life intrinsic to hardware options for packet capture. Software upgrades are made with less invasive upgrades and far more efficient license renewal.


is the most comprehensive raw packet collector and flow generator engine on the market.



  • Aggregates raw packet traffic into flow records

  • Guaranteed 100% capture and recording up to 40 Gbps or more

  • Includes: Raw Packet Manager, Flow Generator, Element Manager

  • Software easily deployed on hardware, virtual machine or in the cloud

  • User friendly web-based element manager