The cloud is the ultimate solution for growing data and usage demands. It is designed to dynamically meet the demands of any application, enabling flexibility in network capacity to meet the ebb and flow of day to day usage.

Why diminish this advantage with static, on-premise visibility and security solutions?

Unpredictable Volume

Additional application and content cannot always be anticipated. World events, consumer whims, or other unexpected actions can create increases that would overwhelm on-premise network security solutions. The cloud can quickly spin up or down to meet the demands of this unpredictable market.

Shouldn’t your visibility solutions do the same?

Security Risks

With on-premise network visibility solutions, you must tunnel your data out of the cloud to fixed, hardware-based solutions. These solutions cannot completely meet the demands of real-time cloud scalability.

You need a visibility solution to match the dynamic advantage of cloud applications.


Cirries is the only cloud-based visibility solution.

Cirries is the only cloud-based visibility solutions. We give you the full scalability of the cloud by keeping your data where it belongs — in the cloud.

Tunneling data outside the cloud to on-premise solutions reduces the effectiveness of cloud migration. Cirries is in the cloud. We use the scalability of the cloud for packet capture, metadata capture, metadata generation, and network monitoring to feed data to cloud applications in the cloud.

Cirries solutions can expand and contract with the demands of your applications. We give you the infinite scalability to increase usage when you need it and roll back when you don’t. Our visibility solutions are in the cloud with your applications.

Cirries cloud-based visibility

The best choice for your cloud solutions