Cirries Performance Management Center

Cirries Performance Management Center
is the centralized control and monitoring software for Cirries products.

  • Enables auto-discovery of network topology or updates topology using file input
  • Provides real-time monitoring of network usage and performance
  • Determines performance of each network element
  • Manages network fault alarm and resolution using SNMP traps and threshold-based alerts
  • Provides extensive visualization and reports to help identify element failures or degradation
  • Installation, control and monitoring for Cirries Point product line.
  • Automates workflow eliminating manual action.
  • Easily deployed for single or multi-units on a server, virtual machine or in the cloud


Performance Management Center


  • Used to configure all Cirries Point products

  • Monitors network activity, performance and security

  • Web-based element manager

  • Real-time monitoring for network activity, performance and security

  • Historical analysis

  • Centralized operation to install, control and monitor MetaPoint and PacketPoint

  • Drag and drop GUI

  • Easily deployed on hardware, virtual machine or the cloud