The Network Crisis

Today’s voice-data-media networks have a visibility crisis. They are facing unprecedented new challenges, are based on a costly, cumbersome blend of different technology generations, different signaling protocols, and different applications. Add to this volatile mixture an explosion of billions of users and devices plus masses of connected machines and it becomes impossible to optimize network performance when end to end  system visibility is not available.  

projected mobile data traffic growth from 2016 to 2021

 Networks generate and transmit enormous amounts of data from known and unknown sources that are growing at rates that seem impossible to manage or interpret. To tame the growing network data, network service providers need to keep pace and adapt quickly to a rapidly changing business environment. They also need to find the right technology that can help them enhance revenues, reduce costs, and match their networks to soaring demand.

Until recently, network service providers were not able to get instant insights from massive data streams and to make correct business decisions based on customer, market, financial, and operational imperatives. In addition to a lack of real-time information, they did not know what had been going on inside their networks or how users, devices and connected machines were behaving while it happens. Policy-level insights with unprecedented transparency and control simply did not exist.

Cirries developed its unique software, Maestro, to answer the pressing need for better overall management of networks and data. Maestro is a flexible and powerful software platform that monitors, collects, and responds to all information the network generates and all data that is coming across the network from users, devices, or machines.

Maestro can give network operators the visibility they need.

  • Provides unequalled network insight
  • Slashes the time and expense of blending old and new network technologies and services
  • Extracts just the right network data for instant business analytics
  • Lowers overall network operating costs and capital outlays
  • Provides an evolution path to software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV)

As networks evolve, more data drives traffic volume which raises operator costs.

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