5G: The Technology of the Future

By Bill Pennington

Cirries forecasts that by 2025 5G will have over 2 billion users, covering more than 60 percent of the world’s population and generating more than 40 percent of the world’s total mobile data traffic. As an example, Automotive & Transportation (A&T) is expected to be the #1 sector for adoption of 5G IoT applications. Millions of connected cars will be using telematics applications such as vehicle diagnostics, location tracking and user-based insurance. Additional In-Vehicle information and entertainment services will also be available for drivers and passengers, such as updates on the current traffic situation or weather forecasts. Also made available with 5G, will be more data-intensive video and music streaming applications such as in-car retail and marketing or even Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) based navigation systems and entertainment services. 5G and the Enterprise 5G provides an opportunity that has never been available with other technologies.  It has the flexibility and capacity to support enormous numbers of static and mobile devices, each with a very diverse performance requirement profile.  5G is expected to be the solution of choice for IoT and Industrial IoT. 5G has the ability to replace expensive and inflexible wired connections in a secure and cost effective way as applications that support these enterprise processes are moved to the edge of the mobile network.  The low latency provided by 5G for example, allows Enterprises to enhance their manufacturing processes by increasing the use of robotics or other mobile tools. 5G networks therefore must not only deliver extreme speeds, they must also dramatically increase network reliability, performance and end user experience, device and application performance analytics. To achieve this, network operators must have complete visibility of their network to quickly identify anomalies, network latency, application response time, re-transmissions out of order packets and congested flows; all of which affects the end user experience, device application performance analytics. Achieving Network Excellence in 5G Networks Network Providers have been busy deploying and activating 5G networks infrastructure while still keeping up with the ever-increasing growth of existing networks. There has been little time for understanding how to ensure that the 5G network can achieve excellent customer experience. So, what is the best way to monitor a 5G network and find and fix anomalies in real-time? Simply by deploying a monitoring infrastructure that matches the deployment architecture and can monitor the and even exceeds the 5G network speed and capabilities. So, what is needed to do that? The Cirries solution accomplishes this by monitoring all three of the cloud-based 5G network elements, the VRAN, the MEC and the Core as highlighted below:



5G Performance Monitoring


With Cirries complete 5G network monitoring solution, network operators will have:


  • Complete visibility into the V-RAN, the MEC and the Core with artificial intelligence to correlate the data through all three network planes and to ensure network excellence.
  • A software-only solution reducing the cost of ownership by 40 to 60% over hardware-based solutions.  This is an evergreen software solution with no end of life.
  • User plane and control plane monitoring.
  • Reports on user/device experience and application response from the network perspective; rapidly identifying if there is an application or network issue.
  • Top users, top applications at a glance by traffic, latency/response or MOS score.
  • Establishment of a network behavior pattern and compared to the ongoing traffic to discover abnormal behavior using a correlation engine.
  • Automatic investigation of network anomalies and recommended plan for resolution.
  • Application and Microservices analysis with underlying cause and repair recommendation, thereby significantly reducing MTTR.
  • Complete visibility into the behavior of microservices, service mesh, applications, and network, correlated to ensure Mobile User/Devices always have applications availability satisfaction


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