So, it begins

The average cost of a data breach in 2021 was over $4 million, as the annual global cost of cybercrime rose to $6 trillion.

A major contributor to this upward trend is the delayed response times. According to IBM, victims that respond to data breaches in under 200 days spend an average of $1.1 million less on data breach damages. Studies indicate that more than 50% of data breaches occur through malicious network access. Discovering network anomalies in real-time mitigates this risk.

While most network operators understand the new risks that have been introduced, many still struggle to articulate a solid network performance management strategy to monitor their network in real-time, store the network data in a time-series database and be advised when an anomaly occurs. Many still rely on after-the-fact data analysis to manage their network.

Research indicates that only 14% of small and medium size business network operators have the proper capabilities to detect, defend, and respond to network anomalies. Yet nearly half have experienced a network anomaly or cyber incident in the last year alone. Unfortunately, current trends indicate that it is not a question of if your network will be attacked, but when.

What’s the solution?

Implement a Next-Gen Network Performance Management software. This software should gather all network data in real-time and store that network data in a time series database; this database will then tell you of patterns that point to anomalies that could be caused by a network breach. This would never be discovered any other way, leading to network excellence.

Simply put, humans can no longer keep up with managing increasingly complicated networks; machine learning and AI must be deployed to achieve network excellence.

A next-gen tool uses algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and decide or predict without requiring explicit instructions. Imagine combining packet data, network metrics, hardware metrics and root cause workflows to provide predictive recommendations on how to remediate existing issues.

Preferred capabilities for Next-Gen NPM

• 100% Packet Observability
• A time-series database to analyze network performance over time
• Continuous calculation of network and business KPIs
• Bandwidth monitoring, packet loss, jitter measurements
• Overall performance thresholds and alerts
• Workflows using drag & drop widgets to automate anomaly investigation
• Drill-down views
• One-Pane-Of-Glass view
• Graphical interpretation of data

Traffic volume analysis, end-user experience insight, and network performance data trending are the three most important and valuable features.


Your network has become much more critical to your business success, and now is the time to ensure it is running at peak efficiency. To that end, you must make sure your Network Performance Management tools are keeping up with the changing network landscape.

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