Change Awareness is the Solution to Network Performance

By Rick Aguirre

Cloud migrations, the move to microservices and containers, and the growing use of consumer- based mobile transactions is adding another level of complexity to Network Performance Management. Optimizing application and network element performance no longer suffice to determine the root cause of the problem.   A few data points from EMA Research1 explain the network transformation:  
  • 20% of IT workloads is now in the public cloud Cloud services average AGR rate is 10%
  • Increased flexibility and agility are the dominant drivers
  • Is transition significantly impacts network performance
  • True root cause becomes more elusive
  • There is an inability to relate change to overall performance
Today, complaints from customers are more than 35 percent of service performance issues. Moreover, the average time to resolve is just under six hours, with 20 percent of IT organizations spending more than 11 hours on each. That’s a critical point of breakage when application services are supposed to be transforming the business.   These comments from EMA reflect the need to provide a holistic view of the network to improve performance.  
  • “60% of application performance issues come from infrastructure changes.”
  • “The focus is on closing tickets with little root cause analysis.”
  • “There is no meaningful correlation between elements and applications.”
So, what can you do?   Upgrade your Network Performance capabilities by implementing a service that maps your network behavior and constantly compares that to your network in real time.   This will assure you are notified of events that fall outside what you have set as normal behavior patterns. These events would not be discovered by individually monitoring each application or network element.   Combine that with automated workflows that investigate and determine the most likely root cause of an anomaly and you have a winning formula to:  
  • Improve network QoS
  • Reduce MTTR
  • Automate Diagnostics
  • Improve customer QoE
  • Accelerate application deployment
It’s not what you can do for your network, it’s what your network can do for you.   Learn more about how Cirries can help. Are you ready to evolve and obtain network excellence? Contact us today at 972-235-6100 or via email at [email protected]    1 EMA Research: “AIOps and IT Analytics at the Crossroads,” October 2018 and “Optimizing IT for Financial Performance,” September 2016.