DART makes complete visibility possible across all cloud network infrastructures.  With a comprehensive set of monitoring tools, DART tracks all network flows and application transactions across the AWS environment, North-South, and East-West in a non-intrusive, cost-effective manner.  The result? All digital experiences and applications performances are visible and measured in real-time to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) across the organization.

DART analyzes all network sessions and application transactions in the AWS environment in real-time.  It produces hundreds of detailed metrics on voice, video, and application performance to identify and isolate trouble spots.  DART detects all error conditions in the network path, bottlenecks, application latency, and web application issues for each flow.

DART in AWS ensures the QoE KPIs are met for each Digital Experience including; Employee/Customer sessions and machine to machine communications.  DART enables network and IT professionals to be notified automatically of any network or application issues or anomalies in real-time, including the recommended plan of action to resolve the issue and to reduce the Mean Time to Repair.