It’s time to get your head (and your network) INTO the cloud

By Roger Boivin


Why Networks are Moving to the Cloud

Conventional telecom network management requires manually configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting individual devices. Cirries estimates that more than 90% of network outages are caused by human factors and more than 70% are caused by manual network changes. As networks continue their unimpeded growth, the risk of human error also increases exponentially. The deployment of 5G is expected to exacerbate this deluge of network data to unprecedented levels that makes network management excellence unattainable by doing more of the same, only faster or by adding more people. As a result, more companies are expected to make the shift to a cloud -based network to benefit from increased, efficiency, productivity, improved customer satisfaction, less operating expenses, and increased data security. The benefits of a cloud or hybrid cloud solution
    • Easing the need for additional experienced technicians

      Moving to a cloud service eliminates the need to install and manage servers
    • Easy, anywhere access

      Cloud computing allows access from home or any remote location using any device
    • Elasticity to match capacity to requirements

      Cloud technology allows you to purchase additional storage instantly at any time
    • Full redundancy, easy recovery

      Most cloud providers offer back up for recovery from any disaster
    • Much lower CAPEX and OPEX

      While you are using a cloud server, you only pay for the capacity you use
    • Competitive advantage – better EBITDA

      While your competitors struggle to keep up by continuing to augment their existing data centers, you are in a good position to compete.
  What is Needed to Monitor Network Performance in the Cloud?

100% Cloud Network Visibility

A solution that monitors all cloud-based network elements as well as your applications and traffic with machine learning and artificial intelligence to correlate all the data and then determine the cause of any anomaly and highlight the probable cause as shown below:
Cloud Network Performance Monitoring

A complete cloud network monitoring solution will have:

  • An evergreen software solution with no end of life

  • Monitoring of all N/S E/W cloud traffic and video

  • 100% packet capture to detect anomalies

  • Reports on network latency, jitter and application response

  • Providing top users, top applications by traffic, latency/response or MOS score

  • Establish a network behavior pattern and continuously compare it to the ongoing traffic to discover abnormal behavior using a correlation engine

  • Automatic investigation of network anomalies using workflows and recommend a fix

  • Provides alerts with underlying cause and repair recommendation thereby significantly reducing MTTR

  • Complete visibility to ensure users always have applications availability excellence

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