DART Helps keep 5G Healthcare Networks In Top Shape

5G’s ultra-fast connectivity will only accelerate the profound changes in healthcare already underway with telemedicine and electronic recordkeeping.

5G networks will support ultra-high resolution diagnostic images and even make remote robotic surgery possible. 5G networks can handle millions more attached devices without degrading network performance or speed. This opens unlimited possibilities for expanded use of wearable and portable devices to provide remote, personalized patient health monitoring.

5G technologies will make healthcare networks far more reliable, secure, and much easier and quicker to set up, move, or rearrange with shifting needs. And there are almost unlimited and as yet unrealized healthcare uses for 5G enabled artificial reality/augmented reality.

Comprehensive network performance monitoring is no longer an option or afterthought. 

No matter where your healthcare organization is, in its 5G journey, you need Data Analysis In Real Time (DART).

Entirely virtual, DART consists of unique, next-gen network tools for monitoring, securing, and traffic engineering the 5G network. DART helps healthcare organizations optimize and sustain a network that saves costs and improves operational efficiencies.

DART helps maximize network uptime and overall network functions. DART also evolves continually, eliminating any chance of future hardware obsolescence.