DART Puts the Transportation Industry on 5G Fast-Forward

With 5G networks, the “smart” car, or truck, or plane, or train — any moving vehicle, really—zooms into fast forward.

5G networks and edge computing will transform transportation. It will provide a nonstop flow of huge quantities of information. Data about vehicle speed, condition, and location. Data about weather and traffic conditions down the road. Data about load type, size, and quantity. Data about fuel use.

Data like this already flows over existing networks, but it is costly and not always available. 5G will make collecting massive amounts of transportation data far more reliable, secure, and cheaper.

With 5G just rolling out, most transportation/logistics enterprises are deciding how to fit it into their operations and budgets. Most are likely to use earlier technologies with some 5G advancements in their networks for some time. DART (Data Analysis In Real-Time) will ensure network performance monitoring excellence as they do.

But due to the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is no longer an option or afterthought. No matter where your transportation/logistics business is on its 5G journey, you need data analysis in real time (DART) for network excellence.


Entirely virtual, DART consists of unique, next-gen network tools for monitoring, securing, and traffic engineering the 5G network to guarantee high quality and reliability. DART also enables transportation/logistics enterprises to make immediate sense of vast amounts of data moving over their networks, 5G or any other.

DART helps maximize network uptime and overall network performance.

DART also evolves continually, eliminating any chance of future hardware obsolescence.