It Has Arrived: Network Performance as a Service

By Roger Boivin

Cirries forecasts that by 2025 we expect 5G to have over 2 billion users covering more than 60 percent of the world’s population, generating more than 45 percent of the world’s total mobile data traffic.    As an example, Automotive & Transportation (A&T) is expected to be the #1 sector for adoption of 5G IoT applications. Millions of connected cars will be using telematics applications such as vehicle diagnostics, location tracking and user-based insurance.   Additional In-Vehicle information and entertainment services will also be available for drivers and passengers, such as updates on the current traffic situation or weather forecasts.  Also made available with 5G, will be more data-intensive video and music streaming applications such as in-car retail and marketing or even Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) based navigation systems and entertainment services.   So what can you do?   You can now benefit from a telco-grade network performance data capture recorder available as a service from Cirries by simply deploying a ready-to-use inexpensive appliance in your network that forwards the data to Cirries Enterprise Advantage platform in the cloud. It discovers and analyzes network anomalies whether caused by hardware, software or security breach.


You can now easily manage your network: Let your MSP manage it, or Cirries will do it for you.




  • Affordable – Cloud-based solution allows for easy monthly payments.
  • Auto-discovery – Automatically discover network elements.
  • Troubleshooting – Workflows are triggered by an alarm and automatically determine the probable cause, in addition to presenting possible solutions to you, thereby eliminating most of the manual work.
  • Trends – Track overall performance and maintain visibility into the network, routers, under-performing components, firewalls, switches and more. Then proactively identify network bottlenecks and adjust infrastructure strategies to provide the ultimate network performance.
  • Tracking – Track network congestion, latency, jitter and packet loss, hardware and software failures, application performance, top application usage, video QoE, user Identity, top individual users and more.
  • Improves Network Efficiency – Identifies spikes in traffic patterns by building a Time Series Model for inbound traffic based on overall flow, size/volume, and Application Layer traffic statistics then continuously compares it to real-time traffic.


As enterprise networks become larger, more complex and  carry higher traffic loads, the Enterprise needs the next generation tool for traffic planning, network monitoring, troubleshooting network issues and to monitor critical application performance.


Cirries NPaaS is the Solution


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