NETWORK PERFORMANCE as a SERVICE (NPaaS) for Any Size Enterprise

By Roger Boivin

Until now, network performance and analysis have either eluded enterprises or has been a heavy burden on the network management budget.  Small to medium size enterprises could hardly afford the up-front capital expense and large enterprises paid a heavy price to monitor their network. Touted solutions were either based on specialized hardware with end-of-life replacement required every few years or software solutions that frankly still cost dearly because of piecemeal pricing.  Forget about those advertising a “cloud solution” because many of those are really just the same solution with expensive tunneling in and out of the cloud to their platform.  Ok, what can you do?  Any size enterprise should consider switching to NPaaS as the least expensive solution with all the features you need and none of the capital expense or maintenance hassles. After all, Microsoft and Adobe and many other large companies have switched to a subscription-based model because it lowers the cost for their customers. In their case, it also destroys the attraction to pirated software. In your case, you simplify and actually improve your network performance QoS for a reasonable monthly fee.  Your network team are not overburdened with managing yet another server, this is simply a connection to the cloud to access the always up-to-date telco grade software.  So, what do you need to do?  Answer a few simple questions to determine your implementation criteria and you are ready to go. Where do you want the NPaaS software hosted?
  1. Public cloud
  2. Private cloud
  3. Your data center
How do you want the packets collected?
  1. Virtual instances
  2. Dedicated low cost appliances
  3. Your own server
Who will monitor?
  1. You
  2. Your MSP
  3. NPaaS provider
Then you’re all set to discover and analyze network anomalies whether caused by hardware, software or security breach. You can view your whole network at a glance on one screen as shown below:  

Here are the highlights of an NPaaS solution:

  • Monitors the network experience of every customer and employee, increasing customer satisfaction and employee productivity


  • Identifies any corporate application or server not meeting defined QoS targets


  • Resolves network anomalies fast, increase QoE, and network uptime


  • Identifies equipment that over-consumes network resources


  • Improves network planning and network efficiency


  • Centralized control and monitoring


  • User friendly web-based dashboard


  • Pro-active detection of network issues and application degradation


  • Real-time alerts with automated workflows to significantly reduce MTTR


It’s not what you can do for your network, it’s what your network can do for you.

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