Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our SLA Assurance Mastery

Harness the real time power of DART and never worry about meeting your SLA agreements again.

What is SLA Assurance?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract that outlines the metrics expected of the provider. It includes key parameters — such as performance and reliability metrics — as well as penalties if the provider fails to meet the service levels. SLA Assurance helps businesses ensure their agreements are met.

Why You Need SLA Assurance

Dart assures the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met for each SLA.  This ensures that the network performs at a high level to guarantee customer experience and device performance are maximized.

The Power of DART

Dart provides end-to-end monitoring of network performance analyzing network packet flows in real time.  DART gives you insight into each user and device on the network and a roadmap to resolve any issue proactively.

Don't let poor network visibility damage your business.

Synthetic testing is not an effective way to maintain a healthy network. Packets never lie — that’s why we collect more packet data than any other provider on the market.

Why Choose DART for Your SLA Assurance Needs?

DART was built to offer full network visibility, giving you the tools to ensure that SLA’s are met and that your business-critical services are reliable and available. Our monitoring tools and end-to-end analysis of network performance provide real-time insights into your network, allowing you to take proactive steps to optimize performance and meet SLA metrics.

Some reasons to choose DART for your SLA Assurance needs include:

Experience Network Excellence

Our solutions at Cirries unlock the full performance potential of networks by facilitating expeditious data collection and analysis to reveal the optimal path to resolution. 


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