5G Network Performance

DART Helps Enterprises Attain 5G Network Excellence

5G networks are being built as the great enabler of the new Industrial Revolution.  This new enabling technology for connectivity between people and devices, people and people and devices and devices is spurring great innovation for Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and Autonomous Vehicles.

In the end to meet the expectations of this great new Industrial Revolution, the delivery of this technology must be met with truth and understanding of the performance.  There are several important values that must be monitored:

  1. Throughput – unprecedented speeds up to 10G in the future
  2. Density – extreme density of users and devices, IoT devices will be 3X the population in 2022
  3. Latency – critical latency tolerances for specific applications


5G has the flexibility and capacity to support enormous numbers of static and mobile devices, each with a very diverse performance requirement profile.

As IoT and Industrial IoT evolve, 5G will become the solution of choice.

The low latency and capacity of 5G will allow real time asset tracking, video streaming, virtual reality, vision, image, video recognition and allow users to enhance their manufacturing process by increasing the use of automated robotics or other mobile tools. 5G provides an incredible opportunity for network operators to enhance the speed, performance, and scalability of their networks.

THE BENEFITS OF 5G – Low Latency, High Density, and Throughput

Network Providers have been busy deploying and activating 5G networks infrastructure while keeping up with the ever-increasing growth of existing networks. There has been little time to ensure that the 5G network can achieve excellent customer experience. 5G networks must not only deliver extreme speeds, but they must also dramatically increase network reliability, end user experience, and ensure the performance of devices and applications for existing and new users.

To achieve this, network operators must establish and maintain complete visibility of their network to quickly identify anomalies, network and application latency and re-transmissions out of order packets and congested flows; all of which affects the end user experience or the performance of critical applications.

Thanks to the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is essential.

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