Uncovering the Truth in Network Vanishing Acts

By Rick Aguirre In recent years, network professionals have worried about vanishing acts. We found two articles on that look at two types of vanishing acts that concern us about network security and job security. Vanishing Network Perimeter The ever-expanding reach of the network seems limitless. Today’s networks are no longer held by the walls of the data center. They are on-premise, in the cloud, in virtual machines and beyond. With IoT, mobile devices and WiFi, access to the network is becoming even more limitless. The network perimeter is disappearing and perimeter dependent security measures can no longer completely secure the network. John DiLullo from Lastline details some innovative solutions to keep pace as IOT devices rapidly increase and portable devices connect in greater numbers directly to corporate cloud applications. Read about it here. Am I Safe? Like many sci fi movies have predicted, we are welcome automation with an air of suspicion. While automation with improve network security, will the automation replace us? The latest Domain Tools/Ponemon report gives us hope. Help Net Security tells us the report states “the US is embracing automation at a faster pace than in other areas” but “the need for experienced staff remains significant.” Security automation promises to improve our ability to not only identify threats but to prioritize them and improve the time it takes to analyze them. Experience and skill do matter since higher tier work is not expected to be automated. What to know more? Read about it here. Read any great articles on the vanishing perimeter or evolving network careers? Let us know on LinkedIn or Twitter to continue the conversation. Rick Aguirre is a veteran of the telecommunications industry. He has a successful record of developing start-up companies that have emerging, industry-changing technologies. As the founder of Cirries Technologies, he has led his team to develop the fastest data extraction and aggregation tools which deliver the right data at the right time for any application. Cirries’ products can digest data from multiple sources and reduce it to the right format for real-time notification, storage, or application use to reveal real-time performance and security of any network. Rick’s passion outside of work is youth sports. In addition to coaching his children’s teams, he has coached Lacrosse in under resourced communities and has served on the Board for the North Texas Chapter of Positive Coaching Alliance.