Your SYSLOG Solution Is Out of Date

By Roger Boivin

Once a network operator implements a SYSLOG solution, rarely does it occur to him that the chosen solution may no longer be adequate or has not evolved with increased capabilities to match the ever-evolving network.  With everything that is happening, little attention is paid to what other SYSLOG solutions that may have dramatically increased their capabilities.  Of course the competition has and before you know it, your once totally adequate solution is now archaic. What’s the solution?  Once in a while, review the solution you have implemented and compare it to other solutions available in the market to ensure your solution provider has kept up.  If not, then have a discussion with him to determine his development plans and timing to keep you up to date or look to implement a better solution. SYSLOG solutions have evolved dramatically and now provide much better insight into your network performance.  No longer just a basic tool to capture logs, filter and store them to generate reports, the new SYSLOG software now does much more. For example:
  1. Correlates SYSLOG data with other network data from your billing system, configuration files, route tables, DMS, DNS, billing, etc. for a consolidated view of your network.
  2. Able to monitor network data and generate alarms in real-time across a massively distributed network consisting of multiple network types located in far reaching geographies.
  3. Stores Syslog records on a continual basis for any extended period as determined by the operator. (even years)
  4. Not only does it enables historical data analysis but also performs predictive analysis on the data giving insight on element traffic capacity evolution allowing for better network planning.
  5. Alert rules color coded and sorted by event severity to maximize network performance and QoE.
  6. HTML5 dashboard accessible from any device.
  7. Centralized log management for multiple diverse interconnected networks of any size.
  8. Uses standard COTS hardware.
  9. Provides measurable savings based on productivity enhancements and faster resolution time.

Your SYSLOG solution is to ensure network availability, track overall performance and maintain visibility into your network, routers, under-performing components, firewalls, switches and more. The ability to perform targeted troubleshooting is important, but being able to proactively identify network bottlenecks and adjust infrastructure strategies accordingly is the ultimate benefit.

As carrier and enterprise packet networks become larger, more complex, carrying higher traffic loads, the Network operator needs a SYSLOG solution that serves as the next generation tool for traffic planning, network monitoring, troubleshooting network issues and to monitor critical application performance.

If you are interested in implementing an improved SYSLOG solution, the team here at Cirries is happy to be of assistance. Contact us today.