Network excellence is the mission and the superpower of the Cirries Network Excellence Force. Come along on some fun Adventures in Network Excellence to find out how our network intelligence agents can bring top-notch performance and security to your network! 

We Are Network Excellence

Make Better Network Decisions With Cirries

In our increasingly connected world, customers and employees place greater demand on our network bandwidth with increased expectations of network performance. Our solutions at Cirries unlock the full performance potential of networks by facilitating expeditious data collection and analysis to reveal the optimal path to resolution. 

Need industry specific information on what 5G with DART can do? Follow the links below:


Delivering a Superior End User Experience.

Whether in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare or beyond, Cirries technology gives enterprises the tools they need to optimize & enhance their business.


No Downtime No Threats!

Threat-proof networks operating at their peak. This is the mission and the superpower of the Cirries Network Excellence Force. Join Cirries’ unseen army of network intelligence agents on their comic Adventures in Network Excellence! [Link is in the text]


Helping you transition to a 5G world.

As we transition to 5G, maintaining network excellence is more important than ever. With the demand on our networks steadily and rapidly increasing, protecting your end user experience requires a trusted partner. Learn how Cirries can ensure seamless quality network performance across all applications.

Cirries is based in Richardson, Texas with offices in Bolivia, Mexico, and India.